A dyma fi yno. Diolch am fod ar goll


I’m a citizen of the world enriched by art, languages and travel. If you can relate, why not stick around for a while and take a peek at a blog post or two? They might just pique your interest…



About Me

Greetings anonymous internet user!

My name’s Rhys. I was born in London, raised in Wales and I studied Spanish and Italian at university. I’m a self-proclaimed music-freak with a passion for travel, immersing myself in languages, eating cheese and stroking cats. I’m currently working as an English language assistant in Spain and in the future I hope to continue travelling whilst learning new languages.

I’ve created this blog to give myself somewhere to talk about whatever’s on my mind without being restricted by the character limits imposed by social media platforms. Monthly music playlists aside, my posts don’t follow any particular schedule and so they’re fairly erratic. Nonetheless, when they do come around you can expect them to be fairly lengthy and in-depth!

I’ll be posting about everything from critical responses to art, to detailed chronicles of my adventures with my partner in crime, Dindon the lemur (more to come on him in the future), to thoughts on current affairs as well as personal updates on what’s going on in my life. Here’s hoping you might enjoy some of what this blog has to offer and you consider it worth your time.